Thursday, 6 October 2011

Love Catalunya!

Flash try on La corva de la felicitat 7c (Margalef)

A one week Rock Trip doesn't sound enough, but I feel I have done lot's of climbing and had lot's of fun. We climbed for three days at Margalef, one day at Collagate, one rainy day at Terradets and one day at Camerasa. Catalunya has so much variety of rocks near each other. I think this is the best sport climbing area in the world.

My aim for this trip was to try on-sight/flash as much as possible rather than project/redpoint, so we decided to have no more than two goes on each route. I really enjoy the feeling of giving it your all when I try to climb on-site. Not knowing what is coming next trying hardest on your first go.

My high point on this trip was 1x7b 1x7b/+ on-sight, 1x7c/+ 2nd go. I am happy for it ♪

↑ Fun approach to Collegates crag

       ↑ Awesome steep climbing at Collagates (Per Tutti I'Ano 7b+)

Amazing tufa climbing ( Terradets)
After rain the sun came out, turned into boiling heat, sunbathing spot.
We had to have two hours siesta time.

Being in Spain always gives me such a great feeling. Blue sky and strong sunshine, smells of dried land spectacular landscapes. Always nice to meet friendly motivated climbers from all over the world!

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