Friday, 22 April 2011

Good start to the season!

I can't believe the English weather is so good at the moment!
The crags are in great condition, already, which has enabled me to kick off the sport climbing season early. I've been getting out to my favorite crag in Yorkshire, Kilnsey, over the past few weeks and yesterday managed to send 'Biological Needs' (7c).
I can feel my stamina coming back after a winter of bouldering and training. Psyched!
I also got on 'The Bulge' (8a) which i tried last year so we will see what happens when i get back from my trip to france. Me and Tim are going to the Millau area in the south of France for 3 weeks of sport climbing. Gamba Gamba!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Completed tick list

'Desert Island Arete SDS' (7b) was one of my bouldering tick list this year.
powerful moves to start and balancy move to finish. I was almost off and could have falling at any point but went through with my 'KIAI' (fiting spirit) and power scream.It was worth to have that one extra last go.
Yeah, now I am moving on to sport route. Psyced!!

Start warming up 9:00A.M

Friday, 1 April 2011

I am back!

I am back long break from blogging.

It's been a long winter. I have spent a lot of time in The Depot Climbing Centre for training training training. It's been a great vibe there climbing with friends always same goal get stronger climb harder.
I hope all the effort is going to pay off this season.

Now it's spring. New season new start!