Friday, 20 May 2011

Road Trip to Tarn

Gorge du Tarn & La Boffie

Les Aile du Desir 7b+

It was shame most routes in the main area were closed for rebolting, but still lots to climb and new routes are being developed all the time.

Weather was amazing during our trip, it was almost too hot to climb mid day. Morning swim to cool down bwfore climbing.

I really enjoyed all diffirent climbing styles of this area. This trip I tried practicing my onsite technique. I didn't break any records, but managed to onsite 7b and quick red point 7c which is not bad for the biginign season for me.

It was brilliant to have light weight gear for the long routes.
★Harness ( CAMP Laser)
★Quickdraw (CAMP)
★80M Rope ( Tendon Master 9.7mm)

Can you belive there are single pitch over 100m!

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